Life is Unpredictable

Amboi amboi amboi.. Bukan main serius lagi tajuknya. Haha

Life is unpredictable. True. 

My life is kinda super unpredictable. What I expected would never happen. 

Sometimes, I thought "Is this what we called reality? Why it never turn out to be just like what I wanted?" 

Then le wild mom appeared and asked me an I-never-thought-of-that queastion, "If life is predictable, would you still be waking up in the morning happily after knowing what you'll get through that day?"

Dang it man! She was right. Thanks mom. I just got nothing left to say. 

Yeah. I got nothing to say now :/

Seriously, I learned alot during my hiatus. Who knows a physical student would be an English teacher? Who would let go of someone's hand knowing that you'll be losing them forever? Who would still falling in love with someone knowing that you'll break up after so many years? True.

Life is unpredictable.

Kalaulah hidup ni boleh diramal, agaknya kita nak tak bersusah payah berlumba-lumba dengan sperma yang lain? Not for me. 

Okay lah, dah lewat sangat dah ni. Syok sangat tidur nanti. Jangan terlepas pulak subuh nanti. Haha

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